Hello everyone, we are "Pinchy"!

The new all in one portable cutlery specially design just right for your needs. 
The only cutlery with Pinch & Flip will get you ready to feast

Eating out is part of our lifestyle, with global warming, recycling and reducing waste has become a new habitat.
We would need to avoid using plastic utensils, cups and straw. 
So we create eco-friendly cutlery "Pinchy" which fit for eating out and even great for camping.
We began by study all the portable cutlery available on the market, and survey over hundreds of people who use portable cutlery.
Most people find portable cutlery are so difficult to use.
We discover most cutlery are too bulky and heavy to carry.
Many compact cutlery comes in so many parts which just like jigsaw puzzle, killing your bran cells and probably put off your mood to eat.
The worst case that cutlery could fall into pats and get dirty before using.
After spending one and half years we finally develop "Pinchy" The most compact cutlery that takes you seconds and ready to eat. 
Made out of 304 stainless steel with patent design system allows Pinch & Flip ready to use but also detachable parts for easy to clean. 
Pinchy is the most easy to use and compact cutlery which you could simply slide into pockets or bags and travel with you anywhere. 
When starving, we are all craving for food ,
especially a delicious looking plate of food is right in front of you,
you would not wish to spend so much time, fiddling and assembly on utensils.  
Therefore we believe with basic human instinct of Pinch and Flip that allows you to be ready in seconds.
That also makes Pinchy is suitable for all age to use. Kids would love to use them as well.

Pinchy has Special "tilled" design,  which is 15 degree off from table.
You would not need to hold on to your cutlery at all time trough out the meal. 
Simply by leaving on the table allows you to pick your phone or to work while you eat.
Never need to worry your cutlery get dirty from the table.  
Pinchy keeps your food with right social distance with gems and virus.
Pinchy has patent detachable design make cleaning easy. Every parts of Pinchy could be taken apart and wash. 
No more hidden corner that is unreachable. Pinchy is also dishwasher and dish dryer safe. 
Especially Pinchy folds into its handle, after use could easily flip back, store into pocket and bring home to wash.  
The storage and cutlery are always wash at the same time. keeps Pinchy stay fresh and clean.
The cutlery part of Pinchy is made of 304 stainless steel which tolerate high temperature, non-toxicity and keeps out gems. 
This allows Pinchy capable to be use for cooking at the camp site. 
The handle/storage part of Pinchy is made by "PA-757 AB antibacterial plastic" produced by Chi Mei Industry in Taiwan,
the world's largest supplier of ABS plastic. 
This material makes Pinchy meets international antibacterial standards and also "impact-resistant". 
It is test and proven to prevent the breeding of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. 
This plastic material has test through Multi-national certification: Taiwan SGS ISO 22196 antibacterial standard, Japan JIS Z 2801 antibacterial grade. 
Pinchy has been test to drop from over 2 meters height and without any damage. Pinchy is 100% Made in Taiwan
Most camper loves to pack every gadget nice and neat. 
Pinchy comes with specially made travel gogo bag that allows to store whole sets of Pinchy in one place.   
The bag is made with shock absorb fabric. This protect Pinchy from any scratch. 
Storage:L118 x W38 x D20mm
Assembly:L182 x W38 x D20mm
Net weight: 45g
Fork & spoon & knife material: 304 stainless steel
Handle/storage material: impact resistant PA-757 AB antibacterial grade plastic acrylic Hook material / TPU thermoplastic polyurethane
Storage:L140 x W100 x D28mm
Material: Shock absorb fabric