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Every summer, seems nervous to put those leggings and yoga pants away. There will be no more hiding for any extra pounds add on from the holiday season. its too hot and sticky to stay in them. Also, summer is getting longer and hotter than ever before. its hard to pull yourself to go for a jog or the gym with those flimsy shorts. We believe every woman would need a pants that could make you look confidence and free your legs from the heat. So we develop “Mintie: The pants which could make you feel cooler than not wearing anything (-7degree Celsius) and make your hips and legs look good. Feel the confidence in you and get some exercise and loose those extra pounds.



Exclusive patented T-Cool +Xylitol made fiber which makes your legs feel cooler than not wearing anything. T-Cool fiber blocks out the sun and fast release the heat from body. Keeping you stay fresh at all time. When Xylitol coating joint with the moisture from the body generate peppermint cooling to your skin to reduce body temperature.  
Food grade Xylitol using nano-technology coated on every single yarn which made the fabric for "Mintie". When Xylitol combine with moist will release a cooling agent to our skin. Just like minty chewing gum frost your mouth.

Mintie is designed by French designer Alexandre Cailleaux, who has many years in the fashion industry using advanced fabric techniques to redefine high-quality casual and sportswear.
Extreme frost tech with European fashion touch generates the only yoga pants that allow you to work hard but not feel hot, always keep you looking fit and sleek.


Even FrostTech fabric is made with 25% of elastic yarn due to its super lightweight weaving technique make you feels unstrained. With high density thread count make the hand feel silky and buttery. Feel like nothing when put on but still make you stay in shape.  

Some of the best and unique features of Mintie are:

1. reduce 7 degree Celsius with peppermint feel nano technology fiber

2. UV protection

3. Butt lifting & Leg trimming design

4. Buttery feel fabric

5. Ultra lightweight.

6. Unstrained feel which could wear all day.

7. Side pockets for cards and keys.






100% Made In Taiwan

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